Frog Lines:

Avails an instant one touch to allocate the actor’s following or previous line, which accelerates the in studio dubbing process, and allows the actor and supervisor to focus on the artistically important output, and gives the ultimate studio time effectiveness

In addition to the professional and organized environment, which will be resulted by TAZMEEN SYSTEM implantation, to serve and develop the Dubbing industry standards and quality worldwide.



Tazmeen Panorama

The panoramic analysis is best and major tool for big dubbing projects that includes a large number of episodes and characters, and it avails a full vision to the whole project prior to start in action, and the resulted info helps.


TSL-Tazmeen Smart Line

The Smartest way to analyze the Text

Is an on screen lines viewing tool, availing a stable one monitoring and text follow up axe for the dubbing actor, and driven by a line start up and finish interactive lightened index, to minimize the interference of the voice engineer during recordings, with an option to modify and correct the texts on screen, if needed.


Techniques Of Tazmeen System

to serve and develop the Dubbing industry standards and quality worldwide.


A built in Voices Library that includes all tested and previously recorded actors’ voices samples


Analyzes the source text, to set the characters and its phrases flow and size throughout the project

Texts colors encoding management

Helps the management to create a personalized standards and rules

Scripts Editing

Add the time code for each line (phrase), throughout an innovative synchronized link between the audio and video and text.


TAZMEEN can export a wide range of reports

Virtual Text Reader

Tests the translated texts for recording validity, from the lines wordings length aspects, and reports the expected execution time frame for the whole project.


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